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Vehyster are proud to work with world class manufacturers who set the standards with both excellent products and a deep rooted service ethic that sets the customer as the ultimate priority. We are independent and objective with our advice so that we are best placed to support our clients with their plans. We provide a best in class portfolio across all areas selecting only options that match the brief.


We work closely with a number of supply partners who have demonstrated success over many years and who compliment our core beliefs. We understand that every project reflects a different set of ideas and priorities and as such we are best placed to provide the best blend of furniture, design and service for our clients.


Our core suppliers are Herman Miller and Bene which reflects our dedication to quality and provides an unparalleled platform to deliver projects of any size and degree of complexity throughout the United Kingdom.


Our mature relationship with our supply partners delivers genuine benefit with our “client for life” approach which our project experiences clearly demonstrate. Our clients enjoy all of the benefits of the added flexibility, understanding and value that this creates.


Vehyster make life easier


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