Bar stools

Vehyster offer commitment to both the local and global environment and we mandate sustainable and intelligent design to augment this. We continually review our products and processes against the criteria reduce, re use, recycle.


  • We do not compromise on our product or service choices and so the longevity provided by these qualities provides the basis for reduction of waste, packaging, transport and C02 throughout the supply and lifecycle and ownership of products
  • Years of manufacturing and design knowledge mean that we have the experience to advise on schemes and furniture that is best suited to office churn, re use, and remanufacture. Our view on long term planning rather than short term trends provide clarity on an emotional subject
  • We analyse and audit our supply chain to look for products that contain 100% recycled material and are subsequently 100% recyclable - Cradle to Cradle products where waste become food for the next generation of manu¬≠facture are promoted at a preferred economic rate
  • Vehyster assist our clients with environmental audits of their existing portfolio to provide a strategy for the most ethical and sustainable use of their current infrastructure. This program is registered with the Environment Agency and creates economic and social benefit for all stakeholders.

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